1. Select Senior, Children, Baby, or Wedding Design under Design services.
  2.  Log in to your account or create a new account at Log In. You will be inside the order entry area.
  3. Select Book Design Services
    1. If you using our H&H  book printing select Design-Print (H&H) services.
  4. Fill out your order entry and add to cart.
    1. If using H&H print services you will put in your H&H account number here or create an account number from our link.
  5. Check out via credit or debit card.
  6. Upload your images.
  7. Leave uploader page open until all images are uploaded.
  8. After your images are uploaded you will receive an email of a pdf proof through proofHQ software within 12-24 hours. Here you can preview your book, make revisions by using the add comments button above the book design. If you have changes submit a decision of changes required by using the finish review button, if not submit a decision of approved with the finish review button. Your proof is open for 30 days
  9. Once the book is approved you will receive an order complete email within 12-24 hours. You will log back into your account and the upload images button will have changed to download images. Here you can download your zip folder of jpeg templates ready to upload to your lab.
  10. Using H&H services. Once the design is approved within another 12-24 hours you will receive an order complete email. At this point we have sent your templates to H&H for your book to be printed. Your book will take 3-4 days for print & ship to be delivered to your door. Your templates will reside on your account for 2 weeks in which you can download for future use.