1. For the Smart Previews, go ahead and import the images that you want to send to us, into one folder in Lightroom 5.
  2. Once imported into that folder in LR, Select the folder, right-click (pc) or control-click (mac) and choose Export this Folder as a Catalog.
  3. A dialog box will pop up for you to save the Lr catalog.  At the bottom of this box, you will see 3 options:
  4. Export Negative Files
  5. Build/Include Smart Previews
  6. Include available previews
  7. Go ahead and click ONLY the Build/Include Smart Previews and Export.
  8. When that is done, you will have a lrcat file and a smart previews.lrdata file.  These are the files we need.

Put these files in a Folder (if you haven’t already) with the job number and zip the folder.  Send the zip file to us at production@rebooku.com via WeTransfer.com (if under 2gb) or upload to Dropbox (if over 2gb) and provide a link.