1. For the Smart Previews, go ahead and import the images that you want to send to us, into one folder in Lightroom versions 5, 6, 7 & 8.
  2. Once imported into that folder in LR, Select the folder, right-click (pc) or control-click (mac) and choose Export this Folder as a Catalog.
  3. A dialog box will pop up for you to save the Lr catalog.  At the bottom of this box, you will see 3 options:
  4. Export Negative Files
  5. Build/Include Smart Previews
  6. Include available previews
  7. Go ahead and click ONLY the Build/Include Smart Previews and Export.
  8. When that is done, you will have a lrcat file and a smart previews.lrdata file.  These are the files we need.

Put these files in a Folder (if you haven’t already) with the job number and zip the folder.  Send the zip file to us at production@rebooku.com via WeTransfer.com (if under 2gb) or upload to Dropbox (if over 2gb) and provide a link.